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Main Aurr Mrs Khanna Movie Cast, Crew, and Songs - Free Download in 1080p

Main Aurr Mrs Khanna Movie Free Download 1080p

Are you looking for a way to watch Main Aurr Mrs Khanna movie online for free? Do you want to enjoy this romantic comedy film starring Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor, and Sohail Khan in high definition quality? If yes, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Main Aurr Mrs Khanna movie, how to watch it online legally or illegally, what are the benefits and risks of doing so, and how to avoid downloading it from unsafe sources. So, without further ado, let's get started.

Main Aurr Mrs Khanna Movie Free Download 1080p

What is Main Aurr Mrs Khanna Movie About?

Main Aurr Mrs Khanna (transl. Me and Mrs. Khanna) is a 2009 Indian romance film directed by Prem Soni. The film revolves around the theme of extramarital affair, as a married couple faces problems due to financial difficulties and separation. The film also features Nauheed Cyrusi, Yash Tonk, Bappi Lahiri in supporting roles, while Preity Zinta and Deepika Padukone make brief special appearances. The film was produced by Sohail Khan Productions and UTV Motion Pictures.


The film follows the story of Raina (Kareena Kapoor) and Samir (Salman Khan), who meet and fall in love at first sight and get married despite the objections from Samir's parents as Raina is an orphan. They move to Melbourne, where Samir works as a stockbroker. However, their happy life is shattered when Samir loses his job due to the global financial crisis and has to move to Singapore for a new job. He asks Raina to stay back in Melbourne until he settles down, but Raina refuses to leave him. Samir convinces her that it is only for a few months and promises to call her every day. He leaves her at the airport with a friend, Aakash (Sohail Khan), who works as a waiter at a coffee shop. Aakash is secretly in love with Raina and tries to cheer her up by taking her out and helping her find a job. He also introduces her to his friend Maya (Nauheed Cyrusi), who works as a radio jockey. Raina gradually develops a friendship with Aakash and Maya, but misses Samir terribly. She also faces difficulties in paying the rent and maintaining her visa status. Meanwhile, Samir is unable to find a job in Singapore and struggles to make ends meet. He also fails to keep in touch with Raina regularly, as he is ashamed of his situation and does not want to worry her. He meets an old friend, Harpreet (Yash Tonk), who offers him a job as a car salesman. Samir accepts the job reluctantly, but finds it hard to adjust to the new environment. One day, Raina receives a call from Samir's parents, who inform her that they are coming to Melbourne to visit her. They also tell her that they have arranged a surprise party for Samir's birthday and ask her to invite Aakash and Maya. Raina agrees and prepares for the party with Aakash's help. She also buys a gift for Samir, hoping that he will come soon. However, on the day of the party, Samir does not show up. Raina calls him several times, but he does not answer. She feels hurt and betrayed by his absence and decides to end their relationship. She writes him a letter, telling him that she is leaving him and moving on with her life. She gives the letter to Aakash and asks him to deliver it to Samir when he arrives. Aakash takes the letter and goes to the airport, where he sees Samir coming out of the arrival gate. He is shocked to see that Samir is accompanied by another woman, Anjali (Preity Zinta), who is holding his hand. Aakash feels angry and jealous and decides to hide the letter from Samir. He pretends to be happy to see him and takes him to the party. At the party, Raina is surprised and delighted to see Samir. She hugs him and tells him that she missed him so much. She also introduces him to his parents, who are happy to see their son after a long time. However, she notices that Samir is acting strangely and seems uncomfortable. She also sees Anjali standing behind him and wonders who she is. Samir introduces Anjali as his friend and colleague from Singapore. He tells Raina that Anjali helped him get a job and supported him during his tough times. He also says that Anjali came with him to Melbourne as she had some work there. He assures Raina that there is nothing between them and that he loves her only. Raina feels confused and hurt by Samir's explanation. She wonders why he did not tell her about Anjali before and why he brought her along with him. She also feels guilty for writing him the letter and wants to take it back. She asks Aakash where he kept the letter, but Aakash lies that he lost it on the way. The next day, Raina tries to talk to Samir about their relationship and their future plans. However, Samir avoids the conversation and says that he needs some time to think. He also says that he has some work to do with Anjali and leaves with her. Raina feels lonely and neglected by Samir. She turns to Aakash for comfort and support. Aakash takes this opportunity to express his feelings for Raina and confesses his love for her. He tells her that he has always loved her since the first day he saw her at the airport. He also tells her that Samir does not deserve her and that he is cheating on her with Anjali. Raina is shocked and hurt by Aakash's revelation. She does not believe him and accuses him of lying and trying to break her marriage. She also tells him that she loves Samir only and that he is just a friend for her. Aakash feels hurt and angry by Raina's rejection. He decides to prove his point by showing her the letter that she wrote for Samir. He tells her that he never gave it to Samir and that he kept it with himself. Raina reads the letter again and realizes that she still loves Samir despite everything. She regrets writing the letter and wishes she could take it back.

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