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How to Watch Pride and Prejudice Online: Stream the Romantic Drama Based on the Bestselling Book

Television director Joe Wright was hired in early 2004,[20] making Pride & Prejudice his feature film directorial debut.[21] He was considered a surprising choice for a film in the romance drama genre due to his past work with social realism.[22][23] Wright's body of work had impressed the producers,[6] who were looking for a fresh perspective;[11] they sent him a script despite the fact that Wright had not read the novel.[6][24] He commented that at the time, "I didn't know if I was really all that interested; I thought I was a little bit more mainstream than this, a bit more edgy. But then I read the script and I was surprised I was very moved by it".[25] He next read the novel, which he called "an amazing piece of character observation and it really seemed like the first piece of British Realism. It felt like it was a true story; had a lot of truth in it about understanding how to love other people, understanding how to overcome prejudices, understanding the things that separate us from other people ... things like that."[25]

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Mr. and Mrs. Bennet have five unmarried daughters, and Mrs. Bennet is especially eager to find suitable husbands for them. When the rich single gentlemen Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy come to live nearby, the Bennets have high hopes. But pride, prejudice and misunderstandings all combine to complicate their relationships and to make happiness difficult.

Set in the charming countryside of Hertfordshire, Jane Austen's most famous novel has stood the test of time by taking its readers on a delightful journey filled with love, wit, drama, pride, and.. well, prejudice.'Pride and Prejudice' tells the story of Elizabeth Bennet as she navigates the challenges of societal norms and expectations, all while trying to find true love. Alongside her sisters, Jane, Mary, Kitty, and Lydia, Elizabeth meets a range of interesting characters, including the aloof Mr. Darcy and the charming Mr. Bingley.

First, let's briefly orient ourselves in the world of the novel. Elizabeth Bennet, the protagonist of the story, is the second oldest of five daughters spawned by Mr. and Mrs. Bennet, who own a small country estate. Mr. Bennet, while more sensible than his wife, pays little attention to the rules of society. Mrs. Bennet, on the other hand, enjoys dancing, parties, and dragging her daughters haphazardly toward the altar. The novel follows Elizabeth as she navigates all the trappings of country wealth, deals with her sometimes insane family members, has a few slip ups because of, you guessed it, her pride and her prejudice, and ultimately finds happiness in the arms of Mr. Darcy.

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