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Jordan Clark
Jordan Clark

[S9E4] Let It Bleed

Split between a well-designed past and future, the episode begins to bleed momentum; the plot becoming a selection of moments you remember for liking or disliking rather than being an engrossing story.

[S9E4] Let it Bleed

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The second trailer for the new animated show RWBY from Rooster Teeth.Weiss is performing a song in a concert hall. Her performance is overlaid with a scene of her engaged in a combat with a giant suit of armor. She struggles and is struck in the head, causing her to bleed around her eye, but ultimately defeats the armor. -season-1-r-w-b-y-white-trailer

In response to this unorthodox move, Homelander fires his Eye Beams to destroy the plane and goes on the offensive. The Viltrumite, however, is unfazed by the attacks and Homelander's laser eyes prove to be ineffective on him. Nolan resumes his beatdown and makes the lab boy bleed through his nose. As the human alien drags him to the ground upside down, Homelander makes a deafening shout, causing his foe's ears to bleed and the super alien himself to flinch in pain long enough for the cash cow superhero to slam him into the ground in a massive explosion, vaporising a crowd of civilians in the blast radius.

In Metropolis, a young businessman sees a purple flash of light emitting from a nearby alley. In the center of the alley a symbol appears in the ground transporting a gorgeous woman with red hair. The businessman approaches the alley to find the woman who believes him to be the Kryptonian who summoned her with his beacon. She reveals her identity as Maxima, Queen of Almerac, who's been searching for a Kryptonian man. Taken back by Maxima's appearance the businessman pretends to be her chosen one and they begin to kiss passionately. As the intensity of their kiss heats up, the man begins to bleed from his nose. Upon noticing this, Maxima realizes that he's not Kryptonian after all and as a result is dying from her kiss. Maxima vows she'll find her real Kryptonian.

Maxima arrives at the Ace of Clubs, surrounded by dozens of couples engaged in erotic activities, except for one man alone at the bar. She approaches the bar and starts seducing Jimmy, mistaking him for the man she's been searching for. Back at the Talon, Chloe looks over photos of herself and Jimmy as a happy couple when Clark comes in, showing her a copy of the symbol he saw in the alley. Chloe says it's the family crest from the royal family of Almerac; she must have teleported to Earth recently using a bracelet, and the trail of dead men are the result of them not being able to survive her super-endorphin kiss, as only her intended mate would be able to, narrowing down her choices to Clark being her ultimate target. Clark shows concern over Chloe's super intelligence as a result of Brainiac, believing that the side effects could be too dangerous. Clark promises he'll find a way to cure her. Chloe tells him that he can't cure her and that another victim has just been found outside the entrance to the Ace of Clubs. She urges Clark to go stop this woman. At that moment, Maxima has taken Jimmy out onto the balcony and he tells her he's in love with another woman, but Maxima tells him that one kiss will change all that. As they lock lips, a super surge of endorphins enter Jimmy's body and he starts to bleed from the nose and Maxima tells him she's sorry, but he's not the one she's looking for. As Jimmy collapses and Maxima walks away from him, Clark enters the club and super speeds through the room to catch Jimmy, but he doesn't notice that Maxima has also seen him in action. She watches as Clark rescues Jimmy; with a smile, Maxima says "Now that's more like it". 041b061a72


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