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James Davis
James Davis

Mr. Robot - 410 Gone...

Dom enters her apartment. She puts a dresser in front of the door and makes a grilled cheese. Darlene knocks to enter. She is alarmed, saying Dom can't stay here. Dom says the hospital wan't safe, given the news. Darlene tells her she and Elliot have a getaway plan. Dom doesn't want to go, insisting on her name being cleared, seeing her family, and apologizing. Dom plays music on her Amazon Alexa and eats the sandwich. Darlene yells at her for waiting for the Dark Army to come kill her. They need to go and Dom needs to get some sleep. Dom says she hasn't slept in 5 years save for some nightmares. Darlene teases her about the night they slept together, as Dom clarifies she wasn't sleeping. Darlene starts looking for clothes to pack when Dom confronts her: where are they running, what magical safe place is there? Darlene says she won't let Dark Army kill someone else she cares about. Dom says the FBI has her back. Darlene tells her the FBI is investigating her. She has fake passports and plane tickets. Dom says she has Alexa, but Darlene smashes it on the floor, telling her Alexa is just a robot and this apartment is emptiness.

Mr. Robot - 410 Gone...



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