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Where To Buy Reclaimed Wood Near Me

With an extensive offering of recycled wood, wide plank flooring, and reclaimed wood, Superior Woods is a staple of the reclaimed wood MN scene. They source their wood from numerous sources, including antique American barns built hundreds of years ago and early American industrial buildings and bridges.

where to buy reclaimed wood near me

At Acorn Millwork Inc., you can find reclaimed lumber for flooring, paneling, furniture, cabinets, bars, tables, and more. Located in the heart of Minnesota in Deerwood, Acorn Millwork is a hidden gem in the Minnesota lumber landscape.

EverGreen Woods is one of the smaller businesses on our list, but what they lack in size they make up for in the quality of their reclaimed wood. Fence posts, long poles, wood timbers, mulch, and chips are all available for sale from this company, which also operates as Discount Post and Pole.

Signature Woods uses 100% reclaimed wood harvested from around the country. They also have an exceptional list of handcrafted barn doors. Another company that puts sustainability on the forefront, Signature Woods firmly believes that sustainability is our responsibility in the ever-industrializing world.

If you want a lot of variety for your choices, Big Wood Timber Frames has got you covered. You may have trouble knowing where to begin as you look their flooring, walls, ceiling, doors, and cabinetry options. Big Wood Timber Frames is a great source of reclaimed wood here in Minnesota.

Reclaimed wood is lumber that has been previously used in the construction of a building or structure. Any wood that is recycled from the demolition or disassembly of a structure is considered reclaimed wood. This is different from salvaged lumber, which is wood that has never been used in any construction but may have been sitting idle in storage for years and years.

There are many professional reclaimed wood suppliers who specialize in sourcing and producing high-quality recycled wood products. They often have teams dedicated to obtaining wood from barns, older homes and other structures in the area. Reclaimed lumber dealers can be pricey, but they are typically the best source for top-notch products.

While most lumber found at Habitat for Humanity ReStores will be salvaged wood, meaning it has never been used before, you may be able to find a few unique reclaimed wood pieces, including old doors, window frames, cabinets and more.

Low in Volatile Organic Compounds, insect-free, and have never been chemically treated or exposed to barnyard animal waste like the majority of barn wood. Check out our written and video instructions for how to install a reclaimed wood wall.

A reclaimed wood wall made with the Laramie finish integrates with these interior design styles: Asian Zen / Japandi, Boho / Bohemian, Coastal, Contemporary, Eclectic, Mid Century, Minimalist, Modern, Modern Farmhouse, Rustic, Scandi / Scandinavian, Shabby Chic, Southwestern, and Transitional. Get inspired by other projects and visit our photo gallery.

New England is the home of countless old wooden buildings such as old homesteads, barns, and other out-buildings that are the source for beautiful reclaimed wood that will be perfect for homes in Boston, Massachusetts.

Then there are the unique properties of reclaimed wood, including its physical appearance. Reclaimed wood has been gently weathered and features unique coloring, fascinating knotholes and wear patterns, insect markings, and old nail holes that add character and charm to the wood. Properly recycled and processed for modern use, the beauty and functionality of reclaimed wood is unmatched.

The Barnyard Boys provide customers with timeless antique treasures and reclaimed barn wood of all species. Our selection of rustic barnwood, vintage antiques, architectural items, sliding barn doors, custom furniture, reclaimed materials, and more has been used by homeowners, builders, and in commercial spaces.

Every piece we create is unique and made with intention. We make custom mantels, wall siding, and accent walls using reclaimed wood. If your project requires something specific like barn wood with patina or reclaimed wood milled as tongue and groove siding, our staff will locate and price it for you. We also offer custom milling services, and we can mill anything to your specific needs.

Reclaimed wood is also a great option for commercial purposes. Reclaimed beams and panels can be used in retail stores, ski resorts, and hotels. You can easily locate reclaimed wood in the market. You should always contact the owner of the material before buying it, as they will be glad to give you permission to use their products. You should also search online classifieds for listings of reclaimed wood. Keep checking back for a few weeks so you can find the best deal.

Using reclaimed wood in a renovation requires more legwork than just stopping at a home center for lumber, but our Cambridge, Massachusetts, project house highlights the unique beauty that used timber can bring to a renovation.

Located in the heart of North Carolina, we are a family-owned and operated business that uses locally sourced wood and reclaimed materials to create custom furniture pieces rich in character. We cut lumber on our own sawmill, dry it in our own kiln, and process it on vintage machinery that fills our 70,000 square foot facility.

We've been supplying builders and owners with high-quality reclaimed wood & lumber for several years now. Our wood comes from multiple sources throughout the U.S. so we can supply you with exclusive wood & materials.

Reclaimed wood is wood material that has aged for years in the form of old buildings, horse fences and distilleries. This wood has been weathered and seen day-to-day wear and tear. The appearance of reclaimed wood is rustic and distressed, which cannot be found in new lumber. The majority of reclaimed wood is usually over 100 years old, but has been considered sustainable and durable enough to be reused as building materials. Reclaimed wood is recycled from these locations and the building has been deconstructed strategically to allow the lumber to be reused.

At Rocky Mountain Reclaimed, we offer a wide assortment of hand-selected reclaimed wood that has already been through a milling process and is ready to use right away. We carry true and faux reclaimed wood in multiple colors and profiles to ensure that our clients can find exactly what they are looking for. Every board has been cleaned up by a mill themselves or recreated to mimic the aesthetic of reclaimed wood.

True reclaimed siding is 100% authentic wood that is re purposed timber that was taken from old structures, horse fences or distilleries from companies that were granted reclamation rights. The wood is taken and turned into a material that can be used as siding or flooring throughout homes. This preserves the history of old buildings and towns that were typically targeted by people looking to tear down structures for the reclaimed wood. By only using reclaimed wood that has been acquired legally, we are helping to save historical buildings that are at risk for being targeted by greed. True reclaimed siding typically needs no paint or stain and will still look fantastic with its distressed and rustic look. Usually this type of siding is either Ash, Elm, Oak, or Maple.

Faux reclaimed siding is a new wood material that is recreated to look like reclaimed wood, but without the natural age and distress. This option tends to be more affordable and easier to come by. There are still multiple colors and profiles available, which often causes customers to be drawn to faux siding rather than genuine reclaimed wood. Faux reclaimed siding also has little to no maintenance once installed.

Due to the fact that faux reclaimed is not as commonly known, we understand if you have questions. If you want to learn more, give us a call! Our experienced sales staff would be happy to answer any questions you might have regarding faux reclaimed wood siding!

Old World Timber is a reclaimed wood company that has a wide selection of products from flooring, paneling, and wood accents. Their reclaimed wood used for accent walls is repurposed from old historic fencing. They are not only preserving history by keeping historic towns standing, but they are giving old fencing a new life. This specific material is perfect for anyone looking for a rustic and vintage style in their home. This product is real reclaimed wood siding.

Montana Ghostwood manufactures siding that can be used as an interior and exterior application. They have a wide variety of colors and profiles to help customers choose their ideal design. This product has little to no upkeep, little defects, affordable pricing and is ecofriendly, certified, and 100% recycled waste. This product is a faux reclaimed wood siding.

The truth is, if you have a two or more-story home, store, or office, you need a way to get up and down the levels. Staircases are essential but they can be an amazing architectural element in any project. We have been working on some extremely versatile new styles of floating staircases and reclaimed barn wood makes a perfect addition to the possibilities.

The Vintage Wood Floor Company is a state of the art reclaimed barn wood flooring manufacturer. All visits to our facility and showroom are by appointment only. Please schedule your visit for an amazing experience by calling

E&K Vintage Wood offers a variety of Reclaimed Wood Beams from hand hewn to rough sawn, finished to unfinished, 4' to 40' and as large as 24" x 24". We specialize in making Box Beams and we offer finished and unfinished for all of our reclaimed wood beams.

When it comes to doing your own projects, wood is often a material that will be used. Instead of buying new pieces and paying top dollar, consider using reclaimed wood. This is wood that has been used in other projects or structures that have been torn down or demolished. 041b061a72


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