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Jordan Clark
Jordan Clark

Where Can I Buy Full Bars ((EXCLUSIVE))

According to Statista, 65% of Americans celebrated Halloween in 2021, and many are kind enough to provide those little fun-size Snickers bars and Skittles packets. But other houses are a wild card. Some people could be handing out anything from thick bags of popcorn, giant goodie bags teeming with treats, and even full-size Halloween candy. Now as an adult, you might be tempted to extend this tradition of one-upping the neighbors by providing bigger candy bars. However, you actually might want to think twice before dishing out full-size candy bars.

where can i buy full bars

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While giving out full-size candy bars is a gesture initially appreciated by many costume-clad children, it might not be the best thing. The move might be done with the greatest of intentions, but according to CNN, it's often inconsiderate of other neighbors that are providing the fun-size varieties of Halloween treats.

According to The Atlantic, Halloween is one of the few times that fun-size candies are widely available for purchase. This is because fun-size candies are small enough that kids can eat more than just a few, which is ideal for those that have collected a large bounty in their pillowcases. Full-size candy bars just don't offer that same experience and may end up ruining a kid's plans to eat as many candies as possible. After one full-size Butterfinger, they're ready to throw in the towel, and that's just not in the Halloween spirit.

So when you're shopping for your candy selection for Halloween night, don't linger too much on the full-size or king-size varieties. Stick to the mini fun-size candies, cause that's what the holiday is all about. And at the end of the day, it's best for the ghouls and goblins that will be roaming the streets.

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