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Jordan Clark
Jordan Clark

Jacoby Cues

Stain color, linen color, cue weight, might not the same as the picture. fordetail of the cue, please double check with us when place order. Stock & price are subjected to change. Extra discount may be available on certaincondition. You may email to ask our update special price for any Jacoby cue. *Free joint protector and cue case per request only, when buy the Jacobycues at online price. Style and value of the free cue case vary depend on availability.

jacoby cues

Michelle Hughes is a long-time pool enthusiast from the Pacific Northwest. During Covid, on a furlough from her full-time career as a flight attendant, Michelle opted to hang out with the Biggelbachs helping with social media, streaming, and cues. She quickly fell in love with the craftsmanship and artisanship of custom cues. Join her in this monthly column on her quest to learn more about cue makers and their respective craft.

ABSTRACT - Two experiments were performed to examine the manner in which warranty quality interacts with price and warrantor reputation in influencing consumers' confidence. Support was found for the contention that extrinsic cues are of significant value to consumers in situations where intrinsic cues have low predictive and confidence values.

Cognitive control refers to the ability to adjust strategy use based on the demands of a current context or task. Recent research using attentional filtering tasks has shown that cognitive control can adapt rapidly and automatically in accord with learning that is specific to particular tasks, items, and contexts (Crump, Gong, & Milliken, 2006; Fernandez-Duque & Knight, 2008; Jacoby, Lindsay, & Hessels, 2003). However, the role of context-specific control has not been investigated in detail in spatial orienting tasks. In a series of three experiments, the proportion of validly cued trials in an exogenous spatial cueing task was manipulated for one context but not for another context, with the two contexts intermixed randomly across trials. The results revealed that spatial/temporal contextual cues in conjunction, but not individually, produced context-specific control over spatial orienting.

This research effort explores the patterns of relationship between price, brand name, and store name as they combine to influence perceived-quality.The flexibility of the research design allowed examination of the strength of the cues both individually and in combination with one another.Also, the incremental influence of price, brand name and store name was measured when one of these cues was added to one or both of the other cues.The results of the study provide 10 useful propositions for future theory building research in regard to the relationship of extrinsic product cues as they influence the perception of product quality. 041b061a72


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