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Windows 10 Version 22H2 Build 19045.2486 (Upda... ^NEW^

You need to navigate it to the following path in the registry to get the details of the Windows 10 20H1 version number/build number. Check the CurrentBuildNumber string value to find out Windows version details.

Windows 10 Version 22H2 Build 19045.2486 (Upda...


The company is also rolling out the update KB5022286 for version 1809, bumping the build number to 17763.3887, and it includes fixes for security issues and provides the Quick Assist application for your client device.

Furthermore, Windows 10 1607 received the update KB5022289 that bumps the version to build 14393.5648, and it addresses several problems. Finally, Windows 10 1507 is getting the update KB5022297 which increases the version to build 10240.19685 and addresses one security issue.

It's the second Tuesday of the month, which means it's Patch Tuesday time again. As such, today Microsoft is rolling out the monthly security update (also called "B release") for January 2023 on Windows Server 20H2, and Windows 10 for the latest versions, 21H1, 21H2, and 22H2. The new updates are being distributed under KB5022282, bumping up the builds to 19042.2486, 19044.2486, and 19045.2486. You can find standalone links to download the new update on Microsoft Update Catalog at this link here.

The build fixes a variety of bugs, including one that stops printing or prints the wrong output when you print using USB on Windows 10 version 2004 or later, and another that causes functioning Bluetooth devices to stop working when you attempt to connect to a non-functioning Bluetooth device. It also adds a reminder to Internet Explorer 11 that notifies you about its upcoming retirement.

The build fixes a variety of bugs, including one that caused the 32-bit version of Microsoft Excel to stop working on certain devices when you exported to PDF, and another that caused the Settings page to unexpectedly close after you uninstalled a font.

There are several known issues in this build, including one in which System and user certificates might be lost when updating a device from Windows 10 version 1809 or later to a later version of Windows 10. Devices using Windows Update for Business or that connect directly to Windows Update are not impacted.

Windows 10 KB5022282 Update is now rolling out to Windows 10 version 20H2, Windows 10 version 21H2, and Windows 10 version 22H2 bringing the build number to 19042.2486, 19044.2486, and 19045.2486, respectively. Continue reading for additional details and to download the offline installer for the Windows 10 KB5022282 Update.

On thursday i did a clean install of Windows 10 Pro 64-bit 22H2 build 19045.2486, installed the latest Windows updates, installed BD Total Security build, but the issue still persists, the Password protection keeps turning off by itself, in no particulat time intervals. Sometimes the Password protection turns off after 2 hours of work on my laptop, sometimes after laptop's restart, there are no strict rules when it turns off.

What is your Windows operating system [if Win 10 or Win 11 please include the edition (e.g., Home, Pro, etc.), version (e.g., 22H1, 22H2, etc.) and OS build number shown at Settings System About Windows Specifications], and if you go to Control Panel Programs Programs and Features what version of SupportAssist is listed there? The images below from my Inspiron 5584 / Win 10 Pro v22H2 laptop show I currently have SupportAssist v3.13.2.14 (released around 08-Feb-2023) and the Microsoft .NET (Core) Runtime v6.0.13.

I have Dell XPS 15 7590 running windows 10. I want to upgrade it to windows 11. This laptop model has been tested for an upgrade by Dell ( -us/000187485/dell-computers-tested-for-upgrade-to-windows-11#X...) and is fully compatible. However, the windows update mentions that " This PC doesn't currently meet the minimum system requirements to run windows 11". I am running windows 10 Home 22H2; OS build 19045.2486. What am I missing? Why is my laptop not compatible? I have the following processor:

Installing Cumulative Update KB5023696 for windows 10 version 22H2 advances the build number to version 19045.2728. You can run winver command in Run (win + R) to check the OS version, edition and build number details.

Unlike earlier versions of Windows, Windows 10 was regularly updated with new features based on user feedback, starting before it was first released. Every half a year, Microsoft releases updates with new features. Each release has a four-digit build number. The first two digits (2 numbers) refer to the year of release, and the other two digits refer to the month of release (e.g. "1903" refers to a build released in March 2019). 041b061a72