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Jordan Clark
Jordan Clark

Batman Beyond Season 2 Episode 10 !!HOT!!

Batman (Will Friedle) investigates the Brain Trust and finds himself under psychic attack from the Mandragora in this clip from the season two episode of Batman Beyond, "Mind Games." Watch the series now on HBO Max.

Batman Beyond Season 2 Episode 10


The season finale for the first season of the show sees Derek Powers bring in his son Paxton, who is just as awful as his father, to be the acting CEO of Wayne-Powers. At a board meeting announcing the change, several protestors storm in and shout complaints at Paxton, irritating Derek and revealing to the world that he is in fact the supervillain, Blight. It's an episode filled with some great moments, such as the revelation that some of the protestors were on Paxton's payroll and the exchange between Batman and Blight onboard Blight's hideout: a nuclear submarine.

Batman Beyond was an animated television series developed by Warner Brothers depicting a futuristic Gotham with an aged Bruce Wayne mentoring a new batman, Terry McGuiness. Spanning three seasons, the pilot was released in January 1999 and the final episode aired in December 2001. The series would later garner great acclaim, including two daytime Emmy Awards, and was named the 40th best animated television series of all time by It was an incredible series that was one of my personal favorite tv series of all time. I loved the futuristic element, the action, the characters, and the dark and gritty visuals. The futuristic Batman in his batsuit was also really well done, voiced by none other than Will Friedle (Boy Meets World, Kim Possible).

This was a really interesting and fun episode, perhaps one of my favorites. Not only were there clear connections to other cyberpunk media like Ghost in the Shell and maybe a Philip K Dick novel like Ubik, for instance, but watching batman fight his own batsuit and seeing the fighting style of an AI with no corporeal weaknesses was simply really cool.

This episode reminded me a lot of Doctor Ido from GUNMM (Alita: Battle Angel). Unlike Ido, however, the doc is relatively helpless himself. What I found particularly interesting in this episode was the 4 different body augmentations the gang uses, how they use them to fight batman, and the technology the doctor has available to him. 041b061a72


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