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Deool Band Movie Full Download

Deool Band Movie Review

Deool Band is a 2015 Marathi devotional drama film directed by Pranit Kulkarni and Pravin Vitthal Tarde. The film stars Gashmeer Mahajani, Mohan Joshi, Mohan Agashe and Girija Joshi in the lead roles. The film revolves around Dr. Raghav Shastri, a young NASA scientist who returns to India and challenges the existence of God.



Dr. Raghav Shastri (Gashmeer Mahajani) is an Indian-origin scientist working at NASA. He is an atheist who believes in science and logic. He returns to his ancestral village in Maharashtra after his father's death and finds out that the entire nation blindly worships God. He decides to shut down a temple that is built on his land and claims that it is illegal and unscientific. However, he faces opposition from the villagers and the temple priest (Mohan Joshi), who believe that the temple is the abode of Swami Samartha, a revered saint.

Raghav also meets his childhood friend Gauri (Girija Joshi), who is a devout follower of Swami Samartha. She tries to convince him to respect the faith of the people and not to hurt their sentiments. Raghav, however, remains adamant and challenges the existence of God. He even performs a scientific experiment to prove that there is no divine power in the temple.

But in a twist of fate, Swami Samartha himself descends and appears before Raghav. He questions the non-believer and asks him to prove his atheism. He also reveals some secrets about Raghav's past and his connection with the temple. Raghav is stunned and confused by this encounter. He starts to doubt his own beliefs and seeks answers from Swami Samartha.


Deool Band is a film that explores the theme of faith and science. It raises some pertinent questions about the existence of God and the role of religion in human life. The film also portrays the contrast between the rural and urban cultures of India and the clash of values and ideologies.

The film has a strong cast that delivers impressive performances. Gashmeer Mahajani is convincing as the rational and arrogant scientist who undergoes a transformation after meeting Swami Samartha. Mohan Agashe is brilliant as the divine saint who challenges Raghav's atheism with wisdom and humor. Mohan Joshi is effective as the devout priest who defends his faith with passion and pride. Girija Joshi is charming as the simple and innocent girl who loves Raghav despite their differences.

The film has some stunning visuals and cinematography that capture the beauty of rural Maharashtra. The film also has some melodious songs that enhance the mood and emotion of the scenes. The film has a good balance of drama, comedy, romance and spirituality that keep the audience engaged.

The film, however, has some flaws that affect its impact. The film has a long runtime of 2 hours and 39 minutes that makes it tedious at times. The film also has some unnecessary subplots and characters that deviate from the main theme. The film also has some clichéd dialogues and scenes that reduce its originality and freshness.


Deool Band is a film that attempts to present a different perspective on faith and science. It has a strong message and a powerful cast that make it worth watching. However, it could have been better with a tighter script and editing.

You can watch Deool Band full movie online on ZEE5 . You can also check out the trailer and other details about the film on IMDb.


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