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Crook: It 's Good To Be Bad Full Movie 720p Hd [PATCHED]

I watched this film even though it was only rated on IMDb as 4.9. I was surprised it scored so low as it really isn't that bad a film at all. Yes, it has it's bad points, but overall it is a gripping watch, has some great cinematic moments, and leaves one feeling you hadn't just wasted two hours. I've given it a six, although were it possible I would have given it 6.5.One slight criticism was that the overall theme should have been more to the forefront. For the first hour it focuses on the protagonist himself rather than the plight of the protagonist. The latter playing a minor role in comparison to the comedic and love elements relating to the lead. By the time the main theme really springs to life the various plot points need to be rushed through as time is running out. On the downside, that does mean these themes cannot be fully developed as much as I would have liked, but it does make for a fast-paced thrilling ending, which is good.Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Yes, there were some changes I would have made, but I feel it thoroughly deserves a 6.5 rather than the 4.9 it was on when I watched it.

Crook: It 's Good To Be Bad full movie 720p hd

One thing that one notices about Emraan Hashmi is that he usually does very "hatke" type movies. Crook, once again, proves this.Crook handles a number of different issues, it handles sibling rivalry, racism and racial attacks, and the truth of life. Now, put all these issues together, mix it in with two girls, a man who wants PR and is able to do anything to get it, and you get Crook.Now, the first half of the movie is just happy happy Jai/Suraj (Emraan Hashmi) and happy Happy Suhaani (Neha Sharma) and annoying annoying Samarth (Arjan Bajwa).The second half, where the movie takes a dramatic turn because of the racial attack is what really keeps the movie going. the attacks really make you think about the maybe disadvantages of living in the US or abroad, away from India/Pakistan and what might happen. However, I think that the attacks were less extreme and maybe a little less violent than displayed.Music, "Challa" is very cute and is popular and widely heard on the Radio. "Mere Bina" is soulful and pleasant to the ears. Acting, well let's see. Emraan Hashmi acts quite well, in the first half there isn't much room for actual acting, though in the second half he proves he can act. Neha Sharma is new to Bollywood, but she acted quite well for a newcomer. Arjan Bajwa overacts at times. The Australian is only there for skin show.Overall, a decent watch, but not a good idea for the light hearted. Also, not really a family movie. Better off alone. One time watch at it's best.

I have been fortunate to grade some C300 footage (while not having actually seen the camera!), and I can say I was pretty impressed. It was fairly simple interview footage, so fairly limited in its scope and not an extensive test. But that image really looked like a full resolution uncompressed still. I have never been convinced that Red footage was so crisp at 4K that there was any benefit to going over 2K. I would have to say that the C300 image compares well with the Alexa, which is quite an achievement. Unfortunately I think the camera was on REC709 (or similar) rather than log. But even with apparently crushed blacks, I was able to pull up quite a lot of shadow detail without introducing noise (always a good test). Did I mention the skin tones, and highlights? Would love to see this out on a sunny day with challenging shadows.Given the number of ways in which it is going to be way less frustrating to use than anything from Red, plus the more aggressive pricing, I would jump at it. Certainly if it was offered against a DSLR.A head to head with the Sony F3 is probably the most relevant test.

Just spent the day with the C300 and did not hesitate to put down a deposit immediately. Very exciting photographic tool which is going to shoot video beautifully with EF lenses.Tried it with 85mm 1.2 35mm 1.4, Tilt shift 17mm & 90mm, 100mm macro 16-35 24-70 & 70-200 zooms. All looked great and was particularly blown away by the image stabilization hand held with the 70-200. Followed someone around on about 100mm and was able to keep subject in focus and very stable. Feels like a Hassleblad nestled in your hands, I found it very configurable and pretty straightforward. Apparently we were looking at Beta models so there will be more firmware updates before release in Jan. With Canon bringing out the EF cine primes and zooms later in 2012 it seems like EF mount is a good choice if you already have a lot of Canon Glass.Canon are going to sell a huge amount of these cameras in 2012.


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