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Command Line Kung Fu: Bash Scripting Tricks, Li...

Become a Linux Ninja with Command Line Kung Fu! Do you think you have to lock yourself in a basement reading cryptic manual pages for months on end in order to have ninja like command line skills? In reality, if you had someone share their most powerful command line tips, tricks, and patterns you'd save yourself a lot of time and frustration. What if you could look over the shoulder of a good friend that just happened to be a command line guru? What if they not only showed you the commands they were using, but why they were using them and exactly how they worked? And what if that friend took the time to write all of it down so you can refer to it whenever you liked? Well, a friend did just that. Command Line Kung Fu is packed with dozens of tips and over 100 practical real-world examples. You won't find theoretical examples in this book. The examples demonstrate how to solve actual problems and accomplish worthwhile goals. The tactics are easy to find, too. Each chapter covers a specific topic and groups related tips and examples together. For example, if you need help extracting text from a file look in the "Text Processing and Manipulation" chapter. Also, a comprehensive index is included. If you want to find every example where a given command is used - even if it's not the main subject of the tip - look in the index. It will list every single place in the book where that command appears. Here is just some of what you will learn by reading Command Line Kung Fu:

Command Line Kung Fu: Bash Scripting Tricks, Li...


Starting with the basics of what bash is, the different modes (interactive and non-interactive), and how it came to be, this site offers a comprehensive background to help you understand the mechanics of the command line.

While the other two books in this list feature a sample of bash scripting, Blum & Bresnahan take this a step further. Here, you'll find everything you need to develop a deep understanding of the command line and shell scripting. While it's recommended that you read through in order, this volume also makes a good reference book.

Mastering shell scripting is made easy with this book that guides you through everything, right from using the Linux command line through to creating Bash scripts, while also helping you make informed choices about the elements you employ.

If you are a Linux administrator or a system administrator and are interested in automating daily tasks to save time and effort, then this book is for you. Basic shell scripting and command-line experience will be required. Familiarity with the tasks you need to automate will also be helpful. 041b061a72


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