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Andrea Valeri Sultans of Swing Tab - Learn How to Play This Fingerstyle Masterpiece

If you are a fan of fingerstyle guitar, you have probably heard of Andrea Valeri, a young and talented Italian guitarist who has won several international awards and performed all over the world. One of his most popular arrangements is Sultans of Swing, a classic rock song by Dire Straits, which he plays with incredible skill and flair.


In this article, we will show you how to get the Andrea Valeri Sultans of Swing tab in PDF format, so you can learn how to play this amazing piece of music on your own guitar. We will also give you some tips and tricks on how to master the fingerstyle technique and the song itself.

What is Fingerstyle Guitar?

Fingerstyle guitar is a style of playing the guitar where you use your fingers instead of a pick to pluck the strings. This allows you to play multiple parts of a song at the same time, such as the melody, the bass, the chords, and even percussion. Fingerstyle guitar can be applied to any genre of music, from classical to pop, but it is especially popular in acoustic guitar music.

Fingerstyle guitar requires a lot of practice and precision, as you need to coordinate your left and right hand movements and control the dynamics and tone of each string. However, it also gives you a lot of freedom and creativity, as you can create your own arrangements and interpretations of any song you like.

Who is Andrea Valeri?

Andrea Valeri is one of the most renowned fingerstyle guitarists in the world. He was born in 1991 in Pisa, Italy, and started playing the guitar at the age of 10. He soon developed a passion for fingerstyle guitar, influenced by artists such as Tommy Emmanuel, Chet Atkins, and Michael Hedges. He began performing at local venues and festivals, and quickly gained recognition for his talent and charisma.

At the age of 16, he won his first international award at the Open Strings Festival in Germany. Since then, he has won many more awards and accolades, such as the Guitar Masters Award in Poland, the International Fingerstyle Guitar Championship in Kansas, and the Golden Guitar Award in Australia. He has also performed at prestigious venues and events around the world, such as the Montreal Jazz Festival, the NAMM Show in California, and the Royal Albert Hall in London.

Andrea Valeri is known for his versatility and originality, as he plays a wide range of genres and styles, from blues to jazz, from folk to rock, from classical to flamenco. He also composes his own songs and arrangements, which showcase his technical skills and musical sensibility. Some of his most famous pieces are Africa by Toto, Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, Hotel California by Eagles, and Sultans of Swing by Dire Straits.

What is Sultans of Swing?

Sultans of Swing is a song by Dire Straits, a British rock band formed in 1977 by Mark Knopfler (lead vocals and lead guitar), David Knopfler (rhythm guitar), John Illsley (bass), and Pick Withers (drums). The song was released in 1978 as their debut single, and later included in their first album Dire Straits. The song was inspired by a jazz band that Mark Knopfler saw playing in a pub in London.

Sultans of Swing is considered one of the best rock songs of all time, as it features a catchy melody, a groovy rhythm, and a brilliant guitar solo by Mark Knopfler. The song is also notable for its contrast between the lyrics, which describe a humble and struggling jazz band playing in a deserted bar, and the music, which showcases their virtuosity and passion.

How to Get Andrea Valeri Sultans of Swing Tab PDF?

If you want to learn how to play Sultans of Swing by Andrea Valeri on your guitar, you will need to get his tablature in PDF format. A tablature (or tab for short) is a notation system that shows you where to place your fingers on the fretboard of your guitar. It is easier to read than standard musical notation, as it does not require you to know the notes or the rhythms.

There are several ways to get Andrea Valeri Sultans of Swing tab PDF, but we recommend the following sources:

  • [Andrea Valeri's official website]: Here you can find all of his tabs, including Sultans of Swing, for a small fee. You can also watch his videos, listen to his music, and learn more about him and his upcoming events.

  • [Ultimate Guitar]: Here you can find a free interactive tab for Sultans of Swing by Andrea Valeri, which you can play along with the song, slow down the speed, loop sections, and more. You can also download the tab as a PDF file or a Guitar Pro file.

  • [YouTube]: Here you can find a video of Andrea Valeri playing Sultans of Swing, with the tab displayed on the screen. You can also find other videos of him playing other songs, as well as tutorials and interviews.

How to Play Sultans of Swing by Andrea Valeri?

Once you have the Andrea Valeri Sultans of Swing tab PDF, you can start learning how to play this fingerstyle masterpiece on your guitar. However, before you do that, you should keep in mind some tips and tricks that will help you improve your technique and performance:

  • Practice slowly and gradually increase the speed: Sultans of Swing is a fast and complex song, so you should not try to play it at full speed right away. Instead, you should practice each section slowly and accurately, until you master it. Then, you can increase the speed gradually, until you reach the desired tempo.

  • Use a metronome or a backing track: A metronome or a backing track will help you keep the rhythm and timing of the song. It will also make your practice more fun and realistic, as you will feel like playing with a band.

  • Pay attention to the dynamics and tone: Sultans of Swing is not only about playing fast and accurately, but also about playing with expression and emotion. You should pay attention to the dynamics (the volume) and tone (the sound quality) of each note and chord, and try to match them with the mood and meaning of the song.

  • Watch Andrea Valeri's videos: Watching Andrea Valeri's videos will help you see how he plays Sultans of Swing with his fingers, how he positions his hands and arms, how he uses his guitar body for percussion, and how he adds his own style and flair to the song. You can also learn from his facial expressions and body language, which show how much he enjoys playing the guitar.


Sultans of Swing by Andrea Valeri is one of the most impressive and enjoyable fingerstyle guitar arrangements ever made. It is a great song to learn if you want to challenge yourself and improve your skills as a guitarist. However, it is also a song that requires a lot of practice and dedication, as it is not easy to play.

If you want to learn how to play Sultans of Swing by Andrea Valeri on your guitar, you will need to get his tablature in PDF format from one of the sources we mentioned above. You will also need to follow some tips and tricks on how to master the fingerstyle technique and the song itself. And most importantly, you will need to have fun and enjoy playing this fingerstyle masterpiece.


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