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FORZO Modern Brass V1.1 KONTAKT Fix

This library blends outstanding quality with an intuitive interface and innovative functions that provide a genuinely musical workflow filled with the best sonic aspects of brass instruments. As a result, you can expect a tight, modern sound that will fit soul and pop productions very easily and in other modern musical genres.

FORZO Modern Brass v1.1 KONTAKT

This is one of the best brass libraries for popular brass instruments. Usually, only more modern and genre-oriented ensembles feature instruments such as the saxophone, and this is one of those libraries.

Analog Brass And Winds by Output is such a musical tool. The modern approach to mixing classic brass and woodwinds instruments alongside insane synthesizers is what opens the door for infinite new sounds, fit to increase your soundtrack ten times a fold. Big braams, ethereal ambiance sounds, and grainy synths are within your reach in this comprehensive sample library.


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