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Where Ya Wanna Be (Acid Vocal)

Tommy Vercetti steps up to the ever excellent Boogeyman label with a new single that comes with various vital mixes. Where Ya Wanna Be features Owen William and is a superbly atmospheric house tune. It has wispy pads bringing cosmic and futuristic feels over a slick beat. The vocals are brilliantly soulful as the colours and melodies pop all around it. A superb tune with real heart. The Acid Vocal brings more energy and a late night charm that takes things to a different level, while the acid instrumental offers something more direct. A shorter radio edit is to the point and just as brilliant as the original. This is a timeless new house single that will endure through the ages.Buy on Beatport: -ya-wanna-be-feat-owen-william/3864959

Where Ya Wanna Be (Acid Vocal)

The reliability of 24-hour pH monitoring has been questioned, and there is no consensus on the adequate site of the upper probe and interpretation of the results.54 At present, the combination of symptoms, laryngoscopic findings, and empirical PPI therapy resulting in symptomatic improvement is used for the diagnosis of LPR. However, if the therapeutic test fails, other diseases should be investigated or it should be considered that reflux components other than acids are the cause of signs and symptoms in the patient.53 Studies have demonstrated that not only acid reflux causes damage in LPR, but pepsin and bile acids are also causative agents of inflammation.1114 Particularly pepsin has been increasingly implied in the damage caused by reflux disease, with studies showing its intracellular presence and ability to remain stable in laryngeal tissues, where it can be reactivated by endogenous hydrogen ions (acid reflux) or by exogenous hydrogen ions derived from any source, including diet.413 041b061a72


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