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THE WORLD'S MOST ADVANCED CHOICE FOR MUSCLE AMPLIFICATION & RECOVERY^The future is clear. The culmination of a decade of research and over a dozen clinical studies, Clear Muscle contains a revolutionary compound designed to increase protein synthesis and decrease muscle breakdown. It'll help you recover more quickly, so you can train more often. Clear Muscle is the most advanced muscle and strength builder available for those who aren't afraid to push limits. It's time to get ahead - if you knew just how effective Clear Muscle was, this critical supplement would already be part of your regimen.^

buy hmb fa

Clear Muscle is packed with BetaTOR, a unique metabolite and free-acid HMB derivative of leucine - the most powerful amino acid. By building on the recovery benefits of traditional amino acids, this supplement leads to better performance, strength, endurance and lean muscle growth. One clinical study on BetaTOR showed that subjects increased protein synthesis by more than 70% and reduced muscle breakdown by 58% at the same time. Clear Muscle is proudly engineered to unlock your abilities, exceed your potential, achieve maximum performance and reach peak power.^

PROVEN PERFORMANCE INCREASE: A randomized, double-blind, 12-week clinical study at a leading university measured the vertical jump power and Wingate peak power of well-trained individuals using the exact dose of BetaTOR found in Clear Muscle. The results showed an increase in their overall performance and recovery from intense training. Subjects who combined BetaTOR with exercise also gained 16.3 lbs. of lean muscle, while the placebo group gained only 4.6 lbs. That's 3.5 times the muscle growth!^

MyHMB Clear is the pure, free acid form of HMB. This powerful delivery form is rapidly absorbed, allowing for a higher peak and greater concentration in the blood for maximum results. Additionally, myHMB Clear has greater clearance and utilization by your tissues to maximize benefits.

For decades, scientists have studied and shown the positive effects of CaHMB on increasing strength, lean mass, and decreasing muscle damage and improving recovery after rigorous exercise. This easily deliverable form of HMB has been the mainstay of HMB used in supplements.

In 2009, scientists began studying the kinetics of a liquid delivery form, and in 2011 published results showing faster absorption, increased blood levels of HMB, and increased clearance to tissues. This revolutionary study on the new HMB delivery form resulted in several clinical studies demonstrating safety and efficacy.

For optimal benefit when training, consume one serving of myHMB Clear 30 minutes prior to training. This ensures peak levels of HMB in the bloodstream for your training session, maximizing its effectiveness. If you are unable to take myHMB Clear prior to exercise, take a dose immediately after a workout or training session.

MyHMB and myHMB Clear both aid muscle health by decreasing muscle protein breakdown through the ubiquitin-proteasome proteolytic pathway and increasing muscle protein synthesis through the mTOR pathway.

MyHMB Clear decreases the key regulative components and activity of the ubiquitin-proteasome proteolytic pathway, which results in less muscle protein loss. In a 2013 clinical study, myHMB Clear decreased protein breakdown in muscle by 57% (Wilkinson et al., 2013). While the exact mechanism of the effect on the ubiquitin pathway is not currently known, studies in both animal models and humans have shown the same effect, reduced protein breakdown, which helps maintain more muscle mass.

MyHMB Clear has been shown to increase the phosphorylation of mTOR, thus activating the mTOR signaling pathway in muscle. The mTOR then stimulates, or up-regulates, the initiation of protein synthesis in the muscle. Studies have shown that supplementing with myHMB Clear increases protein synthesis up to 70% (Wilkinson et al., 2013), and results in a 12-week study show increases in lean mass of 250% greater than placebo and weight training alone (Wilson et al., 2014).

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Individuals providing testimonies are sponsored athletes or have received the ingredient HMB (ß-hydroxy ß-methylbutyrate) as a gift from TSI/Metabolic Technologies, LLC.

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To date, the majority of researchers utilized supplementation of commercially available calcium salt form of HMB (HMB-Ca) [7,11,12,13] and research studies in this area reported conflicting results when supplemented with HMB-Ca during a resistance training intervention. However, a new free form of HMB (HMB-FA) has been shown to have a more rapid and higher bioavailability compared to HMB-Ca [14,15]. Fuller et al. [14] found that HMB-FA had a 25% greater clearance in the body and faster absorption when compared to HMB-Ca (36 vs. 131 min). These data suggest that acute supplementation with HMB-FA may be more effective than HMB-Ca for reducing muscle damage [16,17,18], inflammatory response [15,16] and anabolic hormones induction [10]. However, to our knowledge, only one study examined the effect of chronic supplementation of HMB-FA on strength and power adaptations following resistance training. Wilson et al. [8] investigated the effects of 12 weeks of HMB-FA supplementation on muscle mass, strength and power in resistance-trained men and found that HMB-FA induced greater gains in comparison to the placebo group. In addition, the creatine phosphokinase and cortisol responses to resistance training were lower for HMB-FA. The greater absorption rate and bioavailability of HMB-FA may provide greater benefits regarding its efficacy as a nutrient supplement used to enhance training adaptations [14,18], thus shortening the length of time needed between supplementation and exercise. This may potentially allow the athlete a shorter recovery time and an increase in performance in subsequent training session.

Regarding critical roles of muscle strength and power to succeed in sport [25], many studies examined the effects of resistance training on strength and power performance and reported that resistance training can improve strength performance and enhance the ability to express high power outputs during jumping movements [21,25,26], which are in line with our findings.

In relation to HMB supplementation, the findings of the present study indicated that HMB-FA supplementation not only increased the strength (i.e., 1RM leg press) and the power performance, but also these improvements were greater in comparison to the placebo supplementation group (except 1RM bench press and vertical jump). In accordance with our results, Wilson et al. [8] found that 12 weeks of HMB-FA supplementation induced meaningful gains in the strength and power performance when compared to placebo supplementation. The greater enhancements in muscular strength and power observed in the HMB-FA supplementation group may be indicative of greater force-related adaptations via HMB-FA supplementation [27]. Particularly, HMB-FA supplementation has been shown to increase the cross-sectional areas of the muscle fibers, as well as lean body mass [8], resulting in greater strength and power gains after training. In contrast, some studies did not find any significant effects of HMB supplementation (i.e., HMB-Ca) on strength gains [9,13]. It seems that more rapid and higher bioavailability of HMB-FA form induced more changes in lean body mass by stimulating protein synthesis resulting in greater gains in strength and power.

With review of hormonal changes (Table 2), these results suggest that HMB-FA may affect growth hormone/ insulin like growth factor 1 (GH/IGF-1) axis signaling; however, the effect on skeletal muscle protein synthesis requires more investigation. It is possible that the GH/IGF-1 axis signaling could require a large change in plasma HMB (i.e., HMB-FA) levels and it appears that chronic supplementation with free acid HMB form induced meaningful effects on GH/IGF-1 axis (very large to large training effects, Table 2) resulting in body mass increase and strength gain [27].

Another possible mechanism for the discrepancy could be due to the measurement technique. Previous studies, using compound, sport-specific movements such as the squat, bench press, and vertical jump, have found robust changes in the strength and power following HMB supplementation [8,28]. In contrast, other studies have found small treatment effects using non-specific, isolated movements such as the leg extension and preacher curl [29,30]. Taken together, these results suggest that HMB supplementation affects strength and power gains; however, this certainly merits further investigation.

In relation to anabolic hormone adaptations to training, we found that six weeks of resistance training induced meaningful gains in GH and IGF-1 concentrations for both the HMB-FA and placebo groups, but these improvements were greater for the HMB-FA supplementation group (ES = 1.41 vs. 0.12 in GH, and ES = 0.83 vs. 0.41 in IGF-1). For TEST, neither the HMB-FA nor placebo supplementation group showed statistically significant improvement, but the HMB-FA supplementation group indicated greater training effects (ES = 0.57 vs. 0.08) compared to the placebo supplementation group. Changes in the resting GH, IGF-1 and TEST concentrations during resistance training have been inconsistent in men. On the other hand, elevated resting GH, IGF-1 and TEST concentrations have been reported in some studies [4,7,31], whereas several studies have shown no differences [32,33] or reductions [34]. To our knowledge, this was the first study that examined the effects of chronic HMB-FA supplementation on hormonal adaptations after resistance training; however, in an earlier study by Townsend et al. [10], enhancement of GH and IGF-1 occurred only by acute ingestion of 1 g HMB-FA prior to a session of resistance exercise. Regarding chronic HMB supplementation and resistance training, previous studies which have used HMB-Ca supplementation indicated no changes or trivial increases in resting GH, IGF-1 and TEST concentrations [7,13]. In contrast, the results of the present study indicated that HMB-FA supplementation induced very large and large meaningful effects in GH and IGF-1 concentrations following six weeks of resistance training, without statistically significant effects in TEST concentration. Whereas HMB-Ca induces modest or trivial elevations in GH and IGF-1, higher absorption and greater bioavailability of leucine metabolites in new form (i.e., HMB-FA) demonstrated to stimulate larger increases in GH and IGF-1 concentrations [10,35]. 041b061a72


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