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Create Hilarious Oooo Meme Videos with Green Screen Download

How to Download and Use the Oooo Meme Green Screen Effect

If you are a fan of memes, you might have seen the oooo meme on social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit, or YouTube. The oooo meme is a GIF caption of a cat character teasingly accusing the viewer that they like boys and are a "boykisser". The meme is often used as a playful way to express attraction, admiration, or support for someone.

oooo meme download green screen

But did you know that you can also use the oooo meme as a green screen effect in your own videos? With a green screen effect, you can replace the background of the oooo meme video with any image or video you want, creating hilarious and creative combinations. In this article, we will show you how to download and use the oooo meme green screen effect in your videos.

What is the Oooo Meme and Where Did It Come From?

The Origin of the Oooo Meme

The oooo meme originated from a webcomic series called "The Adventures of Business Cat" by Tom Fonder. The comic features a cat who is also the CEO of a business company. In one comic strip, published on February 14, 2017, Business Cat's secretary asks him if he likes boys, to which he replies "No". She then shows him a GIF caption of a cat saying "Oooooo You Like Boys Ur A Boykisser" and asks him if he likes that. Business Cat says "Yes" and blushes.

The comic strip became popular on social media and inspired many variations and edits. The GIF caption of the cat saying "Oooooo You Like Boys Ur A Boykisser" was extracted from the comic strip and used as a standalone meme. The meme also spawned a twin variant that says "You Like Kissing Boys Don't You".

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The Popularity of the Oooo Meme

The oooo meme gained more popularity in 2020 and 2021, especially among LGBTQ+ communities. The meme is often used as a way to express affection, flirtation, or admiration for someone, especially for male celebrities or fictional characters. For example, fans of Harry Styles or BTS might use the oooo meme to show their love for their idols. The meme is also used as a way to support or tease someone who is coming out or exploring their sexuality.

The oooo meme is also frequently combined with other memes or images to create humorous or ironic contrasts. For example, some people might use the oooo meme with an image of a villain, a monster, or an animal to create a funny juxtaposition. The oooo meme can also be used with an image of oneself or a friend to make a self-deprecating or sarcastic joke.

What is a Green Screen and How Does It Work?

The Basics of Green Screen Editing

A green screen is a green background used in video production that allows a video editor to add visual effects in post-production through an editing technique called chroma keying. Visual effects are not only limited to explosions, intergalactic travel, or other fantastical visual tricks. They can also be used to change or enhance the background of any video.

Green screen editing or chroma keying works by targeting a specific color (usually green or blue) and replacing it with another image or video. The reason why green or blue are commonly used is because they are the colors that are least likely to match the skin tone or clothing of the subjects in the video. This way, the editor can easily isolate the subjects from the background and overlay them on a different background.

The Benefits of Using a Green Screen

Using a green screen can have many benefits for video production, such as:

  • It can save time and money by eliminating the need to travel to different locations or build expensive sets.

  • It can increase the creative possibilities by allowing the editor to use any image or video as the background, such as landscapes, cities, fantasy worlds, or historical scenes.

  • It can improve the quality and realism of the video by adding depth, perspective, and lighting effects.

  • It can enhance the storytelling and mood of the video by creating different atmospheres, emotions, or themes.

How to Download and Use the Oooo Meme Green Screen Effect

Now that you know what the oooo meme and the green screen are, let's see how you can download and use the oooo meme green screen effect in your own videos. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Find and Download the Oooo Meme Green Screen Video

The first step is to find and download the oooo meme green screen video that you want to use. There are many sources online where you can find oooo meme green screen videos, such as YouTube, Reddit, or TikTok. For example, you can search for "oooo meme green screen" on YouTube and find many results like this one:

To download the video, you can use a free online tool like Y2mate or Keepvid. Simply copy and paste the URL of the video into the tool and choose the format and quality you want. Then, click on "Download" and save the video to your computer.

Step 2: Import the Oooo Meme Video and Your Background Video to a Video Editor

The next step is to import the oooo meme video and your background video to a video editor that supports green screen editing. There are many video editors that you can use, such as iMovie, Adobe Premiere Pro, Filmora, or VSDC. For this tutorial, we will use Filmora as an example.

To import your videos to Filmora, open the program and click on "Import Media Files Here". Then, browse your computer and select the oooo meme video and your background video. You can also drag and drop them into the media library. After that, drag and drop both videos onto the timeline. Make sure that the oooo meme video is on a higher track than your background video.

Step 3: Apply the Chroma Key Effect to Remove the Green Background

The third step is to apply the chroma key effect to remove the green background from the oooo meme video. To do this, double-click on the oooo meme video on the timeline to open the editing panel. Then, click on the "Video" tab and scroll down to find the "Chroma Key" option. Check the box next to "Make parts of this video transparent". A color picker will appear. Use the eyedropper tool to select the green color from the oooo meme video. You can also adjust the intensity level and the offset to fine-tune the effect. You should see that the green background is now transparent and your background video is visible behind the oooo meme video.

Step 4: Adjust the Position, Size, and Timing of the Oooo Meme Video

The fourth step is to adjust the position, size, and timing of the oooo meme video according to your preference. To do this, click on the "Transform" tab in the editing panel and use the sliders or the handles on the preview window to resize and reposition the oooo meme video. You can also rotate or flip it if you want. To adjust the timing, you can trim or split the oooo meme video on the timeline by using the scissors tool or dragging the edges of the clip. You can also change the speed or duration of the oooo meme video by right-clicking on it and selecting "Speed and Duration". You can preview your changes by clicking on the play button.

Step 5: Export and Share Your Video with the Oooo Meme Green Screen Effect

The final step is to export and share your video with the oooo meme green screen effect. To do this, click on the "Export" button on the top right corner of Filmora. You can ch


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