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James Davis

Gmail Phishing Page Free

this is a commercial application that is also a phishing tool. it is developed by a singapore-based company that we have never heard of, and from what we can see, theres no support for linux versions. you can download hacking team from the hacking team website. they say that its designed to simulate a social engineering attack for penetration testing purposes, and that it can be used to test your email security tools. the application is a windows-based desktop application. unfortunately, as a windows-based application, it is not easily portable to linux systems.

Gmail Phishing Page Free

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if youve ever tried using a phishing simulation tool before, you know the basics: you create an email from a template, and add and edit the fields. then you add a list of targets (email addresses). you enter a from address and a subject, and you send the emails out. thats all there is to it, but that isnt what we mean when we say phishing tool. when we say phishing tool, we are talking about applications that are designed to simulate a phishing campaign, which should include all the steps you would take in a real phishing campaign. they should include customizing the emails (addressing, subject, and attachment), adding as many recipients as you want, adding high-priority flags, and running the campaign on a schedule. in addition, you should be able to import lists of contacts and even import a spreadsheet where you can customize the contact information.

the open source phishing simulation tool phishme was developed by the internet patrol operator que website. phishme is a web-based application that is available in the phishme web site. as a phishing simulation tool, phishme is very simple to use. you just enter a from address and a subject line, and you send the email to a list of targets (or targets provided in a csv file). you can also add high-priority flags, customize the subject line, and add an optional attachment. you can also run multiple campaigns in parallel. however, theres no reporting or campaign management features in phishme.


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