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Buisman Fighters

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James Davis
James Davis

Tony Gwynn Beer Where To Buy

It's only natural that the younger Gwynn gives brewing a try. Under Zien's tutelage, he's learning the craft behind craft beer. The .394 Pale Ale is about 6 percent alcohol and Gwynn is looking to brew a session IPA with somewhere around 5 percent alcohol.

tony gwynn beer where to buy

"Without revealing too much, I am trying to get some of the end taste to be better," he said."The initial taste was exactly where I would ever want a beer to be at. The aftertaste, I want to improve that."

Lucky patrons may even be able to access AleSmith's Speakeasy - a secret room that features beers from their robust barrel aged program. It's a private, intimate atmosphere that presents a nice getaway from the busy tasting room where you can enjoy beer in a somewhat secluded environment. The beertenders in the Speakeasy are extremely knowledgeable about AleSmith's barrel aged beers and can even help you have your own blending experience, where you can take multiple beers and combine them in different ratios to experiment with new flavors. 041b061a72


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