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FSX Madeira X V101 Update 1

FSX Madeira X V101 Update 1

FSX Madeira X is a scenery addon for Microsoft Flight Simulator X that recreates the Portuguese archipelago of Madeira, including the islands of Madeira, Porto Santo and Desertas, as well as the airports of Madeira (LPMA) and Porto Santo (LPPS). The addon was originally released in 2008 by Aerosoft, and was recently updated to version 1.01 with several enhancements and improvements.

What's new in version 1.01?

According to the Aerosoft New Releases and Updates Forum, the new version of Madeira X offers the following features:

Download File:

  • The scenery has been completely overhauled and now offers new technical highlights and an optimized display of details and performance.

  • The approach lights including the lead-in lighting system is now brighter, more realistic and implemented as 3D object.

  • AES-Lite includes animated vehicle traffic on and around the airport for more realism.

The update also fixes some issues with elevation, mesh and compatibility with other addons, such as FSGlobal 2010.

How to install the update?

If you have purchased Madeira X from Aerosoft, you can download the update from your account. You will be presented with two files for download: one v101 (1.20GB) and one v101_UPD (4.87MB). You need to install both files in order to get the latest version of the scenery. The v101 file is the main installer, while the v101_UPD file is an update to the v101 version.

If you have purchased Madeira X from another vendor, you need to contact them for the update. Alternatively, you can register your product at Aerosoft's website and get access to the update files from there.

How to enjoy the scenery?

Once you have installed the update, you can launch FSX and select one of the two airports in Madeira: Funchal (LPMA) or Porto Santo (LPPS). You will be amazed by the stunning views of the islands, the realistic terrain, the detailed buildings and vegetation, and the challenging approaches. You can also explore the islands by using a helicopter or a small plane, and discover hidden places and landmarks.

Madeira X is a must-have addon for any FSX enthusiast who loves flying in exotic and scenic locations. The update makes it even better, with enhanced graphics, performance and realism. Don't miss this opportunity to experience one of the most beautiful and dangerous airports in the world!


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