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Jordan Clark
Jordan Clark

42 Books Of Tehuti Pdf 12

as scribe of the decan 10, tehuti suggests that humanity should maintain a vigilant, watchful gaze upon our own inner world and onto the world around us and other people. he advises that the spiritual master knows that each person has a unique relationship with the spirit world and that it is the responsibility of the spiritual master to teach spiritual knowledge to each student, whether an initiate or a seeker, so that they may strive for a better understanding of the spirit world and ways to move beyond the self.

42 Books Of Tehuti Pdf 12

thoth's gift of writing and spiritual gift and prophetic ability provided the wisdom for over a thousand years of egyptian civilization. yet, thoth is not only a teacher, he is also a messenger who represents the spiritual power of the kontiu order. thoth led ra and the entire kontiu order in the creation of humanity, and, through that creation, the divine plan of the universe.

thoth became the god of wisdom, of letters, and of communications and teaches his students how to know the time of day, when to meditate, or how to get a message to someone. thoth was the guardian of the scribe and the eye of the scribe, holding the binopthai (eye) a scribe would use to read and write down every day.

according to egyptian lore, the original word order in the language of the gods was thoth, but in our present times, it has been replaced by the word tehuti. the father of open-source software, the creator of the xml language, the father of the modern day word processor and the father of the modern day form of scribe work, thoth, known to his people as tehuti, is the god who invents how to write from his mouth. he was the inventor of the alphabet.


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