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Jordan Clark

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I really don't see the point, when battle scribe is free, and a better product (with mobile apps). Also I have stumbled across countless mistakes in army builder lists over the years, that I always check over them anyway. At the end of the day you should always check your opponents list regardless of what medium he uses.

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Whoever complained that some guy was using battle scribe to cheat had a ridiculous argument. The same could be said for any notepad list or hand written list! Hell you could even just edit the army builder output if your even remotely computer savvy. It's a tournament organisers responsibility to make sure all the lists submitted for an event are correct.

That's last one is a textbook microsoft answer. You can't even submit proper bug reports on the army builder website, you just need to post it in their tech support forum and hope for the best. Wait I have one:

I remember a thread on advanced tau tactica after the new Tau book came out it was called "What we do until Army Builder is updated" as it often takes the army builder guys a few months to update their software, after a few posters mentioned Battle scribe and Quarter Master the thread tittle was changed to "Now we don't care if Army Builder is going to be updated". At the end of the day with the speed GW is pumping out new material Army Builder gets updated way too slowly.

The main complaint I have seen/read/experienced with army builder is codex updates taking forever. I feel with battle scribe they are giving you the frame work and letting you use it for whatever you want. Want to write lists for a fan dex, or an old white dwarf issue? Or a new supplement that has come out. You can, either find someone who has made a repository for it already or make your own.

99% are trustworthy, and the way the list was created is irrelevant to them. Programs the army builder are useful because they help preent accidental mistakes, not because they prevent cheaters cheating.


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