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Jordan Clark
Jordan Clark

That One Blond Kid Glitch Effect For Final Cut ...

While most of the effects are purely cosmetic, there are a few events and locations that are unreachable without them. They can be collected in almost any order, except for the Poop Hair effect, which requires either the Yuki-onna or Umbrella effect first. It is also recommended to get the Lamp effect before attempting to get the Knife or Witch effect, which require traversing dark areas.

That One Blond Kid Glitch Effect for Final Cut ...


A useful glitch that quadruples Madotsuki's walking speed. Although Madotsuki will appear as her normal sprite (except in the FC Worlds), the glitch will be active. The bicycle is the most commonly used effect for this, as it allows for quadruple speed. The Speed Glitch is an oversight caused by allowing the player to use the menu in the chair.

The glitch will now be active. The effect will disappear if you equip any effects. Madotsuki will sit if 1 is pressed, but the other action will happen as well (e.g. with the bike, the bell noise will play).

This glitch can also be used to "store" effect actions. For example, if the above instructions are followed but the Bicycle effect is substituted for the Midget effect, Madotsuki will be able to walk through small spaces as if she had the Midget effect equipped, despite using her normal sprite. It should also be noted that using any other effect other than the Bicycle still increases Madotsuki's walking speed, though not as much as when the Bicycle is used.

A related glitch that is slightly more complicated, but allows the effect to stack allowing for movement eight times faster than the walking speed, which is equal to that of Candle World's Toriningen. There are two ways of acquiring this glitch.

This will allow Madotsuki to walk through anything with any effect equipped, though some loading zones don't trigger, limiting the amount of areas that can be explored. Hell is useful for getting to locations with this glitch, as it provides alternative methods of getting to areas through the use of Toriningen and Nenrikido that substitute normal loading zones (even the single Henkei Shita located there is the only way to get to Footprint Path A). Toriningen in other locations such as Guillotine World and The Checkered Tile Path also help for accessing other areas.

It should also be noted that getting into any of the Beds in the dream world, even if they send you to The Staircase of Hands, deactivates the glitch, returning Madotsuki to normal. Thus, the glitch can not be utilized in Underground World, The Spaceship, or Mars.

BGM storage: Another side effect of broken instructions. The way this one works is that when you open the instructions the music stops, but it starts again after you close it. If you close the instructions in a different area it will take the music from wherever you opened the instructions and play that. This is because the game still has it stored.

Glitched movement: Glitched movement is a glitch that occurs when you close the instructions while sitting down. Your movement will be cycling between 4 of the sitting animation sprites. Left is the first sprite and then it continues in order clockwise.

There is also a newer type of glitched movement. Do the process for the broken instructions, but not the whole thing. Then, close the menu, open it and press 1. It will do nothing. Then, while you still have the Cat effect equipped, go in Snow World and you will be in the sleeping animation sprite. You are able to move freely while you are sleeping.

Broken save: This is a glitch that makes a save file unplayable. To do this glitch do broken instructions and wake up with the instructions. Press 1 so you are sitting, then press Z to reopen the instructions. This will give you glitched movement. If you save with glitched movement your save will be unplayable.

Speculation: It's possible this was intended to be the appearance Madotsuki takes on in the White Desert, as there is no counterpart FC World sprite. If this is the case, then it's likely that it was dropped since it could cause confusion as to whether the White Desert was really white, or whether the effect was a result of a problem with the player's perception of it (as is the case with old monochrome photos).Allowing Madotsuki to retain h