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13GB (4.4gb Compressed) - WPA WPA2 Word List !!HOT!!

You have to remember, render's password lists were generated in the early 2000's. Laptop's at the time would take hours and hours to generate the rainbow tables. Desktops took hours to generate the rainbow tables. I helped out with some of the beta testing of cowpatty back then.

13GB (4.4gb Compressed) - WPA WPA2 Word List

Download File:

Just thought i would share the link for those who are looking for a decent list to pen test their networks.The list contains 982,963,904 words exactly no dupes and all optimized for wpa/wpa2. Would also just like to point out that this is not my work, instead it was a guy who compiled a whole load of useful lists, including his own to come up with 2 lists (one is 11gb and one is 2gb) i will be seeding this torrent indefinitely since it is shareware! 20mb up!INFO

If I had it on my home machine and I sent the pcap to the hashcat site,I could have made a file compatible for cracking using oclhashcat on my GPU. That 9+GB sequential list probably would have cracked in an hour or so. Got to love GPU computing. BT5 has the ability to use CUDA and OpenCL drivers too, but they don't work on my POS laptop, but just a heads up, you can crack with the 13gb list if you split it into chunks and run them in parallel too if you've got more than one GPU.

I appreciate this list but I haven't had any luck with it. Does anyone know by chance if this include the passwords that are include in the famous renderman rainbow tables? I will be trying those next.

Not read this post in a while and am so glad all you guys got the use out of this. I thought i was setting it indefinitely but for some reason my utorrent crapped out, working on re adding the torrent without having to download it again. Also i would suggest using pyrit in kali / backtrack for using this list, or as shuttin mentioned aircrack might actually support a word list this size now. I am going to be testing this word list using kali linux, i'll post the commands pkms etc to give you guys and idea of just what works best.

I was googlein my wordlist and i found this, am rather flatterd, thanks guys for you comments and compliments. if anyone has any other comments or sugestions then you can email me ( my email is included in the torrent).

Here are some useful commands to clean-up your wordlists (for WPA / Wi-Fi) (FOR BACKTRACK 5)========================================================1. To remove all none compatible WPA word-lengths(8-63)cat yourwordlistfile pw-inspector -m 8 -M 30 > yournewfileThis will cut out all words that are NOT 8 - 30 letters in length and put them in "yournewfile". I know the max WPA length is 63 but 30 is more realistic for a potential password==========================================================2. To join multi wordlist filescat file1 file2 file3 .. etc > newfile This would join file1 file2 file2 and put it in newfile==========================================================3. To remove all duplicate wordscat wordlistfile uniq > newfile===========================================================4. to remove all html shit, white space and none alphanumeric entries i.e. !"!"$%$$%^&*&(*)()_+>

Hey to give this topic a little bump. Am loking for a very nice cleaned up password list to use for WPA2s. can see that the links are not working in this thread so if anyone has a up to date copy of anything good and cleaned up (no dupes) that would really help a chap out. :)

Wow nice list. Thanks for that dude. Someone must have a nicely cleaned up word list file. Am gonna start the long painful task of going through and making my own list but if any kind soul has anything clean and good please let a brother know :)

First off, this is not full of dupes as someone suggested. It had only 300k worth of dupes in it, less than 0.001%. But that doesn't mean this list isn't rubbish because it is. There isn't a single mixed case word I saw while tailing off samples of it while it was sorting the few dupes it contained. So this list at best is only a "source list", not a cracking list. That means to have "decent" success you'll need to apply rules to it to toggle case.

This list is just too big to run a comprehsive ruleset on for WPA, and just using it for source words is pretty bad. I have lists 10% of the size that do 400% better on average. I would call this list more of a list of last resort instead of a first choice.

If you're using a CPU then this list isn't for you, just still with the openwall list or something under 5 to 10M words. Otherwise it will take you several days running nonstop to check the list as-is and you'll be lucky to have more than a 10-20% success rate. Add in just a few rules and you're talking nearly a month. For comparison, I can run this list in around 40 minutes. I get about 400,000 c/s on WPA and 28G c/s on MD5. If you don't have a GPU with fast hasing then stick to a good small list of PWs, not just a big source list of words and such. But this list is bad for a source list for WPA just because of its size, you can't make more than a few mutations from it and still be able to test the results against a large enough sample to learn anything.

If you want to do more than just try to crack a single password then you're going to have to do it on GPU. You'll rarely find someone who is willing to share a list or rules that are working amazing because it takes a ton of time and work and you lose your edge in competitions and such. To start getting results above 30-40% on WPA you'll need to start doing a lot of testing and analysis. This is the part where it is tough, because WPA is slow. If can take a day just to test 10 handshakes against a few new rules, whereas you could test the same MD5 hashes in under 10 seconds. And 10 handshakes doesn't tell you squat, so even with a cluster of cracking rigs it takes forever to do quantitive analysis on WPA.

I have a list with about 1.3 billion words 8-63 chars (about 15.5GB). It took me about month to create. I would be willing to burn that to some DVDs and mail them to anyone who wants to start a torrent. I just don't have the upload speed to with my ISP because I'm in the boonies. So I'm not even going to try to send that much data. It would be depressingly slow.

I grabbed every list I could find from places like skull, hack forums, various english, french german, latin dictionaries, dictionaries of medical and science terminology, short lists, leaked passwords. That was about 100GB total and about 1300 lists. Then I used some bashfu to make sense of it.

I'm thinking the dictionary words would suffice and you could then create a permutator that would change case, replace chars and maybe tack on a few numbers. That way your wordlist stays kinda small but your actual vocabulary (for lack of a better word) is huge and it shouldn't take a lot of cpu cycles to do the expansion.

Some ISPs have WPA keys which are mathematically related to user information such as the user account number or telephone number. Some are hashes of these numbers and some WPA keys are phone numbers. So in cases like this you can look up the area code(s) and prefixes for the local area generate a phone list from that. In the case of account numbers It's just a matter of knowing how many characters the account number is. If you know the hashing algorithm you can generate a wordlist for that ISPs access points. Then write a script to generate lookup tables for every single standard ESSID within the scope of. Some of them are MY-WIFIXXXX. So basically all of the ESSIDs are predictable as far as their names. So a 10 digit numeric list should probably be included in any WPA wordlist.

Here's my list of about 1.2 billion words.15.3GB decent compression with 7zip. The file is 2.8GB Collected from about 1200 sources and sorted. Sort of. The files got to big for the ammount of ram and swap space on my machine. But you are welcome to it. Mostly 8-63 character strings. Have fun.

A question: After aircrack-ng finishes with the list, assuming it fails, what should my next step be? Should I find another wordlist, attempt a bruteforce, just give up? This network doesn't have a custom essid, its a 2Wire, would there be a default set key (not set by the user)?

Ah. Thank you, Unfortunatly no WPS, if there was I would have never attempted a wordlist. Though the wordlist failing really makes me want to try harder at trying to get into the network, but if wordlists and/or bruteforceing are the only options then it kinda seems pointless.

yeah i guess so, sometimes you just plane unlucky, and not much you can do. .... A week for wordlist to finish :( ... thank god for pyrit and GPU's .. its takes about 3 days on mine. .. Fastest i ever seen was with a dual tesla card think it was around 26,000 pmks ... ha well be nice if we all had 600 to spend on graphics card(s)... .. even if you was to generate all combos with crunch (8 chrs) it would be well over a 1.5TB ... i know ive tryed it .. hardly practical...

-1: your character set space - for brute force attack you essentially list all the characters you expect to see in password (there are some macros available as well, like ?d - al digits), you don't need this for dictionary attack


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