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Sccm Software Center Uninstall Greyed Out

Once I deploy the application and make it available to some systems the Uninstall button is available for a brief moment and then greys out and I cant uninstall it. On some systems it shows up and the Uninstall button works. I only have one deployment type and running it on Windows 7 x64 systems. Two identical machines Uninstall button is not greyed out on one but it is on the other. Do you know what could be causing this? I need to get the uninstall part working on the systems that have the application already installed. I am wondering if it doesn't like the location of the Uninstall script?

sccm software center uninstall greyed out

I just discovered something weird going on. So on the deployment type I made a change so the revision number changed on the application. On the system I ran machine policy refreshed software center and the uninstall button became available to select.

I didn't run the Uninstall and just for kicks I refreshed software center on the same system and the Uninstall button got greyed out again. I didn't have to run a re-evaluation or machine policy to grey it out.

The environment I'm working in has not moved to the new software center yet. Maybe the behavior is fixed in new software center.Just letting all know it's still an issue - at least with the legacy software center.

I did some more digging and spoke with a peer whom has been using SCCM much longer. It appears that this is working as designed. If an application has multiple deployment types or has dependencies, the uninstall option is greyed out.

Create or simulate a deployment of an application to a device or user collection in Configuration Manager. This deployment gives instructions to the Configuration Manager client on how and when to install or uninstall the software.

So I pick a different collection, with machines we are using in IS, that have Adobe Reader 11.0.06 on it already. Now Adobe shows up in Software Center under Installation Status showing "Installed" and under "Installed Software", uninstall option greyed out in both spots.

Software Center is a tool for installing, uninstalling, and updating software on university owned and managed Windows computers without the need for administrator rights. Software Center requires an internet connection to properly function.


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