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Twenty-two professional (PRO) males from a single soccer team (age: 25.6 4.9 years; height: 180.5 4.3 cm; weight: 74.7 4.8 kg), and twenty-two amateur (AMA) male players enrolled in a sports sciences degree (age: 23.1 0.7 years; height: 179.6 6.1 cm; weight: 72.3 5.9 kg) were recruited for this study. Goalkeepers (GK) took part in the games, but were excluded from the analysis. All players were informed about the research procedures, requirements, benefits, and risks, and their written consent was obtained before the study began. The investigation was approved by the local institutional Research Ethics Committee and it conformed to the recommendations of the Declaration of Helsinki.

Games Torrents

All small-sided games were video-recorded using three cameras, and analyzed by two independent experienced soccer coaches (Graduated in Sports Sciences, certified with UEFA PRO license and with experience as coaches). For all small-sided games, observers took into account the actions and characteristics of the actions performed by both teams. These actions or characteristics were defined on a coarse-grained scale of 51 categories (see Table 1) adapting the proposals of Owen, Twist and Ford [49] and Costa, Garganta, Greco, Mesquita and Maia [50]. These actions were evaluated each second, following the suggestions of Mendes and Malacarne [51]. The two repetitions of the same small-sided games were sequenced and summed, resulting in three 6 min situations for each AMA team and three 6 min situations for each PRO team. The time during which the players analyzed were not playing (i.e., the ball left the pitch or the goalkeeper was controlling the ball) was removed, and all trials were equalized, resulting in an overall analysis of 204 seconds for each type of small-sided games. The interval and ratio scales, i.e. positional data, are maximally objective and due to this property they intrinsically have larger potential for generalization. However, space-time data are not able to provide direct information on which tasks individual players were exploring and in what context, within the game. Because we were interested in the technical-tactical and exploratory behavior in the discrete task-space [52] the nominal scale was the scale of choice. Each 1 s window was defined as a 51-component binary vector representing the full action configuration during the same time interval. A value of 1 was ascribed to the active category and a value of 0 to the inactive one. Both observers analyzed one game (6 minutes) of each team to calculate reliability. The inter-observer agreement yielded a minimum Kappa coefficient of 0.82, providing a satisfactory guarantee of data reliability. One of the observers analyzed the other trials of all teams.

Due to these similar results for all situations in the highest level PC, which seems to capture the essential characteristics of soccer, it was important to analyze the first set of primary PCs of each trial. For the fixed team, an increase in the number of opponents led to an increase in the time spent defending, this being the case for both PRO and AMA players. A further finding for both levels when defending was a decrease in the number of players dissuading and an increase in the number of players balancing. In 4 vs. 7 games, the most frequent scenario was all the players balancing. In relation to attack, an increase in the number of opponents produced a decrease in passing and driving actions among PRO players, whereas AMA players showed a decrease in passing and controlling actions. For both levels there were fewer players waiting during the game in inferiority. For the variable team, an increase in the number of teammates led to more time being spent in attacking situations. No clear differences appeared with respect to the player with the ball, but an increase in the number of teammates did produce an increase in the number of players waiting and supporting. When defending, there was a clear increase in the number of players involved in balancing. In all the situations, the most frequent combination was one player pressing, one delaying, one dissuading, and/or one or more balancing.

The goodness of fit between the theoretical curve and the experimental data (n = 102) for the exploratory dynamics (see Eq 1) reached values of R2 = .91 0.04. This result confirms that Eq (1) is able to capture the essential hierarchical dynamics during small-sided games. Results from the exploratory dynamics analysis are summarized in Table 2 and Fig 3, where it is presented the averages of the stationary overlap order parameter, , for each trial, comparing the values of each team in all conditions. Results show different values of exploration but with clear differences between the different small-sided games. For the fixed teams, AMAa showed a small effect of the number of opponents, just comparing 5 OPP vs 7 OPP. AMAb showed strong effects of the number of opponents when comparing 3 vs 5 OPP and 3OPP vs 7 OPP. PROa and PROb showed moderate effects when comparing 3 OPP vs 5 OPP and 3 OPP vs 5 OPP. In the case of the variable teams, playing with seven teammates clearly produced a lower exploratory breadth compared with the other conditions. All teams showed strong effects of the number of teammates when comparing 5 TM vs 7 TM and 3 TM vs 7 TM.

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