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Buy Patio Furniture Covers ((HOT))

From birthday parties to family get-togethers, your patio furniture is the center of comfort and relaxation for all your guests. Don't let the elements take their toll on your deck furniture. From rust to sun and water damage, you could be facing a considerable bill for repairs or replacements without weatherproof protection. Our breathable yet water-resistant furniture covers will keep your tables and seating dust and pollen-free year-round.

buy patio furniture covers

The world of patio furniture covers is wide-ranging and wild online, with page after page of options coming up on sites like Google Shopping. But, which of these covers will get you the best bang for your buck? Which ones fly off in high winds, and which ones can withstand years of exposure to the elements?

Wayfair has stepped into the patio furniture cover market with its own line of products under the Wayfair Basics moniker. Their covers are sleek and sturdy, with ultrasonically welded seams that the brand says prevent the rain from coming through. A sofa cover starts at just $21.99 and comes in a pleasing latte color that should blend right in outdoors.

The Patio Chair Cover (2 Pack) provides high-quality protection for your outdoor patio chair. Peaceful tranquility meets heavy-duty protection. This Collection features a rustic woven tan pattern that is accentuated by dark gray piping, which lines the outer seams of the outdoor chair covers. Impeccably stylish, the Collection will compliment any outdoor garden or patio setting, all while keeping your furniture protected, rain or shine. Made from heavy-duty machine-woven 600 denier polyester, this outdoor cover is 100% waterproof & provides protection against fading, rain, sun, dust, bird droppings, tree sap & more. Strap & buckle systems are included to help better secure the cover to your furniture in windy conditions. Ultrasonically-welded seams enhance both the protective properties & longevity of the covers. Sewn-in vents are strategically placed throughout the covers to ensure adequate air flow to release any trapped condensation, preventing the build-up of mold, mildew & rust. Sold as a pack of 2 chair covers.

Our patio furniture covers offer the unparalleled, waterproof protection your patio chair deserves. This waterproof chair cover (2 Pack) is made from a lightweight, high-tech 300 denier polyester that is easy to handle and will protect your patio chair from outdoor elements. This cover is also fully breathable, so you won't have to worry about mold or mildew from growing underneath the cover and spreading to your furniture. This cover comes with sewn-in straps and buckles that can be attached to the chair legs to keep the cover securely in place. Vents on the side of the cover keep air flow circulating without letting rain into the cover. Blending style with functionality, these waterproof covers will help extend the life of your outdoor patio furniture.

Between pool parties and backyard BBQs, summer is filled with fun! But when autumn weather starts rolling in or a rainstorm begins to brew, it's important to protect your patio furniture. Cover up dining ensembles and sofa sets with this essential cover. Crafted from polyester, it offers a drawstring design to keep it in place and a neutral black hue. Plus, it's waterproof and resistant to everything from heat to mildew.

Ideal for use in harsh weather and high wind conditions, our furniture covers are designed to protect patio furniture from dust, dirt, sun, rain, and heavy snow. Manufactured using a combination of a high-strength polyester top panel and innovative, multi-layer side panels to help reduce condensation. The breathable side panels eliminate the need for vents and provide additional cover height, unlike shorter competitive covers which offer less protection. We added thoughtful details, like handles designed for easy disassembly and buckles to prevent being blown away by the wind.

When it comes to protecting your outdoor spaces, these covers are essential. Ideal for moderate weather conditions, the durable fabric is constructed with a water-resistant backing to keep your outdoor furniture clean and dry. We protect your oasis inside and out with an innovative, breathable material that helps to minimize condensation. And with complementary colors, your outdoor space will look organized all season long.

Spent weeks picking out the perfect patio furniture? Be sure to protect your cherished chair from wear and tear with this heavy-duty wicker chair cover, a tan-toned piece that blends seamlessly into any outdoor ensemble. Crafted from vinyl with fleece lining, it features hook and loop fasteners so you can secure it to your seat without worrying about it blowing away on windy days. Great for saving space in your garage, this weather-resistant design shields your chair from the snow, rain, and sun so you won't have to rush to the backyard to drag it inside when you see storms in the forecast.

OK, from afar it looks like you're covering your outdoor furniture with an oversized trash bag. Alas, it is not a trash bag, but the best $30 you can spend to protect your patio furniture. It has a universal design so that you can cover your patio dining set or lounge seating without the need to find a specific shape. The material is resistant to water and UV rays, and its durable construction will hold its own against inclement weather.

With its oversized dimensions, this cover can protect a full set of furniture without the need for smaller protective coverings. By combining a durable oxford material with a silicone interior, the cover is waterproof, which is bolstered by the sealed tape design. Additional features like handles, air vents and a drawstring make this a worthwhile purchase for those looking to protect a bunch of pieces of outdoor furniture at once.

Although not exactly a piece of furniture, you'll want to protect your grill as much as you can from the elements when it's not in use. This grill cover from Grillman is about as close as you can get to a universal grill cover. It comes in three colors and six sizes, and it fits some of the most popular grill brands, including Weber. (Be sure to check the Amazon listing for specific grill models.) And if you're not convinced, just take a look at at a few of the product's more than 45,000 reviews.