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Jordan Clark

SAILI Simulator Launcher

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SAILI Simulator Launcher

Download File:

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The technological innovations allow you to create new tools capable of making us live experiences that were unknown up until now. It isn't common to find sailing simulators, but Sail Simulator is here to make us learn how to hoist the sails and travel across the sea with the help of the wind.

There are nearly 20 different boats available, among which it will be possible to find skiffs like the Stentec Laser, regatta boats like the Dutch Valk National class, competition boats like the 470 or various catamarans, as well as transoceanic sailing yachts like those used in the Volvo Ocean Race.

A flexible and intuitive control interface, its realistic simulation of the aerodynamics and its server dedicated to long multiplayer games with guarantee stability complete this innovating and original simulator about one of the aquatic sport disciplines with the largest amount of followers.

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