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Spirit Halloween: The Movie FRENCH WEBRIP X264 ...

The film starts with a witch cursing Alex Windsor. Fast forward some time (The film doesn't explicitly say how many years) Bo, Carson, and Jake go to a spirit halloween store for the night. Carson sister Kate follows to give Carlson his phone The Main character Jake is still sad about his father's death (his dad died of blood cancer) which helps with the lesson the movie is telling. Jake has a step father which he hasn't really connected with. At the end of the movie. They have to sacrifice something that's special to them, so Kate offers her grandmothers necklace, but Windsor takes it. Then Jake is forced to sacrifice the (I'm assuming) only photo of his real dad, but Windsor posses Kate and then eat's it in front of him. Then he sacrifices the only thing he had to remember his dad a book. Thus shows the messages of the story which is I think you have to move on in life. Showing he moved on from his father's death. Time jump a year later he finally accepted his step dad as his dad and took his sister out trick or treating. It was not bad but it was not good either, also the film did not have any pg-13 scenes despite being rated pg-13 maybe it was the jump scare but this movie could've been pg.

Spirit Halloween: The Movie FRENCH WEBRIP x264 ...



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