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Jordan Clark
Jordan Clark

Snipers Invisible Silent Deadly

A Needler is a silent and deadly ranged weapon that uses both laser power and needles crafted from a form of crystallised neurotoxin to kill its targets. Needlers have a long and bloody history, having been utilised by Mankind for millennia. These deadly weapons were favoured by the assassins of the Terran Courts during the days before Unification.

Snipers Invisible Silent Deadly

Needle pistols are sophisticated and elegant handguns whose operation is silent, invisible and deadly. The finest examples use a combination of a flash-less laser to pierce flesh, followed by an impellor-shot of virulent poisons delivered instantaneously into the open wound. This combination can lay low the roughest foe with ruthless efficiency.

The laser component of the Needler operates on an invisible wavelength of light and thus cannot give away the positon of its user. A multitude of different toxins can be used with a Needler, though the most common are deadly neurotoxins, sedatives which only render the target unconscious and intoxicants which can stupefy the target or make him amenable to interrogation without rendering him fully unconscious.

But, today, we will try to touch this closed caste. We will talk about fighters who are both despised and idolized, who exist and who do not exist simultaneously. These are the deadly ghosts of any conflict ever since humanity has devised ways to kill the enemy remotely. They don't even need to prove themselves on the battlefield. Snipers are so mythologized and covered in legends that they are not necessarily in the war zone. And without it, the enemy will hide a lit cigarette in his fist and hide the insignia. After all, the bearers of death are invisible and lightning-fast.

Even in the conditions of modern high-tech warfare, the main priority of which is the life and safety of soldiers, snipers remain the most crucial active element of the troops. Their task is not only to effectively, with pinpoint strikes from afar, eliminate the enemy's human resources and officers but, as we said earlier, to keep the enemy in tension with the certainty of a potentially lethal strike. A sniper is always indispensable, no matter how powerful and deadly drones, high-precision aircraft, and artillery. He is always invisibly present on the battlefield. He can provide intelligence and direct battery to the most vulnerable locations of the enemy.

The invention and introduction of firearms, it would seem, should have changed the situation and made it possible to eliminate targets from behind ranks with cavalry and infantry. But, these weapons had a critical flaw - the bullet behaved unpredictably. Strictly speaking, from the point of view of ballistics, it was nothing more than a tube from which a heavy ball flies out. But, on the other hand, he took off at high speed. It was this that gave hope to create a deadly and ergonomic weapon. But, at the same time, it was when such muskets began to be used that the victorious march of snipers began.

A trope commonly applied to a lot of snipers, mostly the loners, what with loners being eerie. Prevalent due to the allure and popularity of the idea of a lone, stealthy, emotionless, and mysterious "lone wolf" prowling invisible in the nights of the jungle, in search of prey. May also overlap with a Hunter of Monsters. While overlaps with Psycho for Hire and Sociopathic Soldier are possible, they are very rare due to the stereotype that sociopaths are less on the emotionless and more on the totally bonkers side.

The following table lists the abilities which are either silent to enemies or enable the player to perform silent kills. Note that direct damage abilities ( Shuriken, Slash Dash, etc.) are silent if cast while invisible or shrouded. 041b061a72


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