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James Davis

Eular Textbook On Rheumatic Diseases __FULL__

This book is based on the eular on-line course on rheumatic diseases and it would constitute a good reading material for anyone intending to do the course. It covers 1437 pages and is divided into seven sections: introductory aspects of rheumatic disease, inflammatory arthropathies, connective tissue diseases and vasculitis, cartilage and bone disease, regional and generalized pain syndromes, miscellaneous and evaluation and management. Each section is further subdivided into 3-11 chapters, making 50 chapters in total. The first 4 chapters (120 pages) cover basic science (immunology, neuroendocrine immunology, molecular and cell biology and genetics of the rheumatic diseases) and the remainder of the book deals with clinical topics. The last section includes a rather valuable chapter on critical appraisal of evidence, which is an absolute necessity for every practicing physician in the contemporary world of evidence based medicine. Each chapter begins with a list of learning objectives and ends with a list of summary points.

eular textbook on rheumatic diseases


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