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James Davis
James Davis

Real Book For Band In A Box Download [PATCHED]

A bunch of different preset sounds, I would never have guessed a rubber band could be so versatile but this is basically a unique prepackaged synth. And it all actually sounds really good. Could easily fill in the role of a synth bass, with other patches sounding more like banjo, piano, organ, etc. The versatility makes me want to write something entirely for rubber band box. The GUI is good too with plenty of effects options readily accessible. I definitely do not regret the curiosity-driven download of the rubberband box.

Real Book For Band In A Box Download

Download Zip:

For years I used to be a real book player. I looked at lead sheets to memorize tunes, I practiced improvisation by staring for hours at written out chord progressions, and I relied on the book like a life preserver at gig after gig.

In the past, if you took the book away from me I would have an anxiety attack. How was I going to know the melody or chord progression without that piece of paper? How was I going to perform tunes from memory in front of an audience? This is the main reason why I continued to lean on this crutch in the practice room and on the bandstand. The book was covering up some big holes in my musical skill set.


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