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James Davis
James Davis

Neutrofier Ii Manual !!TOP!!

IMPORTED MACHINE:Chevalier FSG 1640 AD II Surface Grinder Year 2002 Table Size: 1350 x 400mm Grinding Capacity: 1350 x 400mm Longitudinal Table Travel, Hydraulic: 1350mm Longitudinal Table Travel, Manual: 1350mm Crossfeed Travel, Automatic: 400mm Crossfeed Travel, Manual: 450mm Distance from Spindle Center to Table: 600mm Variable Table Speed, Hydraulic: 16' to 82' FPM Automatic Crossfeed Increment: 1/8" to 1-1/4" Crossfeed Handwheel, Per Graduation: 0.0025" Per Revolution: 0.25" Microfeed, Per Revolution: 0.0005" Per Graduation: 0.00005" Automatic Incremental Downfeed: 0.00005" to .002" Auto Downfeed Dial Per Graduation: 0.0005" Per Revolution: 0.05" Microfeed: 0.00005"/.0001" Rapid Traverse Rate: 8" IPM Spindle Motor: 5 HP Approximate Dimensions: L 4000mm X W 1700mm X H 2300mm Approximate Weight: 5000 kg Equipped with: Hydraulically Acutated Longitudinal Table Feed Electromechanically Actuated Feed of Saddle Variable Chuck Control Parallel Dresser Over The Wheel Auto Lube Diamond Dresser Precision Needle Roller Bearings Used on the Elevating Guide Ways Work Light Splash Guard Potentiometer for Variable Holding Power and a Selector Switch for Automatic Demagnetization of Work Piece Variable hold neutrofier control Coolant System w/Paper Filtration (120 Gals. Cap.) External Hydraulic Pump and Tank 5 HP 3/60/230-460 Volt Drive Spindle Motor Machine in Excellent condition, Like new Price 12,000 GBP Including shipping.(Note:- Price may vary according to currency rate)

Neutrofier Ii Manual


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