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Jordan Clark
Jordan Clark

Chanakya Niti Shastra Pdf Fixed

sir I wanted to know name of the shastra which contain about weapons and physics.By this I wanted to improve this Bharatadesa in modern techniques. I am very thankful if you say where can I get in Hyderabad Andhra pradesh

Chanakya Niti Shastra Pdf

sir the link to download the Sanskrit edition is volume 1 2 3 right? but I have a doubt are they separate each analysed by separate authors or all are by same author! kindly reply! I wan to download the Sanskrit edition! also if they are of same author then till volume three u have uploaded right is it the end of arthashastra or more to come?

Thank you for Arthashastra pdf, one can get excellent touch of our vedic culture.. since it will be great if we can get in other languages too.Kindly please help me to get Arthashastra in TAMIL PDF form.

Thanks indeed for sharing the link. Was wondering if there is an institute that teaches complete Arthashastra through online or maybe the traditional classroom? Finally, is there a link available to the english translation of Chanakya Neeti Shastra? If so, kindly share.

u did a great job, but i need both artha sasthra and niti sasthra in tamil, because, i get the information in my language, it will be more effective and truly understand the concept 100%. then only it will give the complete meaning to my life. please arrange and send it to my email id, expecting the books in tamil soon. thanks


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